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VSAT Solutions

Ditel VSAT Solutions are designed for cruise & ferry, fishing, pleasure, offshore and etc.Our service can help you get the reliable ship-to-shore connectivity using Voip, VPN or video, creat a nicer internet environment onboat in China.
Maritime Satellite Communication System including land HUB system、satellite transmitting link、and ship terminal system.  
Ship terminal system is made up of receiving antenna part, SIP phone, ship LAN,Remote Video Monitoring and Remote Video Conference system.
1.BBA- Broadband Access : it can provide back demands of various information of ship, such as image, video, voice, data, etc; it can access to the public network through satellite network  to realize all kinds of functions like apps, personal network application and others functions.
2.Network Application:the LAN on boat can connect with Internet by VSAT antenna system,so that all kinds of APPs can be placed on board,to meet the Internet needs of office computers and wireless terminals.
3.SIP phone:SIP phone services can support network phone functions, like home fixed-line phones at home, boaters can dial to outside directly , also can enjoy the high quality communication service in the sea just the same as in the land .
4.Video conference:ship satellite terminal station assigned fixed IP to the video conference host device , through the terminal equipment with multi-point MCU in HQ, the HQ will invite call or  the branch (including software terminal) call in, so they can realize multi-point video conference.
5.Remote Video Monitoring:the video monitoring system on the ship is connected to the satellite network, and the monitoring screen of the ship can be realized in real time by using the third-party service platform, so as to know what's happening on board in time.For the users on shore, they can control the camera's platform and focal length through both the mobile terminal and the computer terminal.’