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DITEL S81 Marine TVRO Solution for a Offshore Supply Vessel

DITEL S81 marine TVRO was installed successfully on a offshore supply vessel with the carrying capacity of 3251t DWT in Brazil. Through providing quite fast and stable signal acquisition, S81 brings crew on board a friendly user experience.
DITEL S81 80cm KU band 3-axis Marine TVRO
DITEL S81 marine TVRO was installed successfully on a offshore supply vessel with the carrying capacity of 3251t DWT in Brazil. Through providing quite fast and stable signal acquisition, S81 brings crew on board a friendly user experience. Watching various of TV programs will give them a relaxing time during the sailing trip.
DITEL S81 is a 80cm Ku-band  marine TVRO antenna  with excellent satellite signal receipt capability and pre-programmed satellite database. DITEL S81 supports 10 sets of satellite parameter pre-set, crew can select satellite on ACU with pre-programmed satellite datebase. Besides, with its 3-axis stabilized platforms and 4-axis accurate tracking structure, users can enjoy clear and stable television under whatever hard conditions.
DITEL is a high-tech company engaged in the research and development, production, sales and operation of maritime VSAT and marine TVRO, which is leading the way in driving innovation in the satellite communications market. Governments and global players choose DITEL’s stabilized satellite antenna systems to deliver connectivity when it matters most. As we confront the future and face challenges, DITEL will stay true to its cause and continue marching forward.