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Ditel V60 Maritime VSAT Installation on an Oil Product Tanker

Ditel V60 with its compact features and superior performance, was successfully installed on an oil product tanker. This maritime satcom solution enables seamless communication and ensure this vessel’s operational efficiency.

In today's digital age, seamless connectivity is not just a luxury but a necessity. In the maritime industry, maintaining constant communication is crucial for operational efficiency, safety, and crew welfare. This is where the Ditel V60 maritime VSAT, a state-of-the-art satellite communication system, comes into play.
The vessel in question is an oil product tanker, a ship designed for the transportation of refined petroleum products. With a length of 151 meters, a width of 21 meters, and a draught of 6.6 meters, it is a substantial structure that requires robust and reliable communication equipment. Operating predominantly in the Asian region, the ship encounters a variety of weather conditions which further necessitate a high-performing maritime VSAT system.
Ditel V60 is a 65cm Ku-Band maritime VSAT antenna system that perfectly meets these requirements. It features a 2-axis stabilized and 3-axis auto-tracking platform, providing excellent tracking performance. Despite its compact size and lightweight design, it offers high tracking efficiency. This is made possible by Ditel's 5 patented technologies, which allow the V60 to achieve the same performance as other antennas that need at least a 90cm dish.
Moreover, Ditel is not just an equipment provider; we are a complete communications solution provider. We offer airtime service in addition to our maritime VSAT systems. Our airtime service is known for its stability, speed, and affordability. We ensure our clients have access to excellent service throughout their journey, no matter where they are. This maritime VSAT solution ensures continuous, high-quality connectivity, regardless of the ship's movement or the weather conditions.
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