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China is Building Two Global Satellite Systems at The Same Time

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Update time : 2018-03-23 14:51:43

The USA space adventurer musk has announced plans to launch about 12,000 low-orbit satellites to form a "StarLink" constellation,allowing Wifi signals to cover every corner of the globe. But Mr Musk's is not the only one who has this ambition.

Although not as many as 12,000, China aerospace science and technology group has proposed a plan to build more than 300 and 156 low-orbit communication satellite constellations. Both plans are scheduled to launch this year.

(Bao Weimin, member of the CPPCC national committee and director of the science and technology commission of China aerospace science and technology corporation)

Bao Weimin said that
China plans to launch the global mobile broadband satellite Internet system within the year. When completed, it will become the foundation of a seamless global space information network, providing Internet transport services for ground fixation, hand-held mobile, vehicle-borne, ship-borne, airborne and other terminals.     

Bao added that the satellite Internet system can realize the communication support capability of broadband narrowband in the deep ocean, north and south poles, One Belt And One Road and other regions. Through this system, any person or object at any point on the earth realizes information interconnection at any time.

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