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Combine Exertion And Rest While Working on Sea

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Update time : 2018-05-15 09:47:48

According to Hong Kong media, a 17-year old Chinese youth of the royal navy, called Kallum, had become the youngest sailor on the the Royal Navy HMS Queen Elizabeth. Recently, however, he was found guilty of selling drugs on the Queen Elizabeth and was arrested by the British royal navy's gendarme. Kallum was failed to pass a drug test last month when he admitted to smoking "ecstasy(MDMA)" when he was out at Portsmouth.
Later, other crews failed to pass the drug test too, and when they were asked about where they got their drugs, they gave Kallum away. Kallum was arrested on suspicion of supplying drug of A-class.
Kallum said, because the life of the British Royal Navy is not as exciting as it is supposed to be, it is rather dull,thats why he broke the law.
In fact, young marines are prone to misbehavior because they often leave their families for long periods of time and can't use their mobile phones to surf the Internet or social networks.
What if everyone can kill time by surf ing the Internet and watching tv on boat?
Ditel’s vsat antenna system and satellite tv antenne can bring rich and colorful amateur life to the crew.They also can contact with family and friends so that they will not out of touch with the outside world. Using marine communication supplies can bring joy to the life of the crew,and can  improve work efficiency.

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