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DITEL V61 maritime satellite VSAT Antenna installed on oil platform auxiliary ship

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Update time : 2019-10-31 13:15:09

DITEL V61 63cm KU band marine satellite antenna
DITEL V61 maritime satellite VSAT antenna installed on an oil platform auxiliary ship, providing stable and efficient network coverage for the whole vessel, which made a great contribution to oil and gas production project.
DITEL V61 is a 3-axis stabilized Ku-band maritime satellite VSAT antenna with 63cm reflector. It can achieve global automatic satellite switching with several sets of satellite frequency preset to meet oil and gas production project’s high request for broadband. DITEL V61 performs superior high tracking capacity, meanwhile supporting video monitor, broadband access, web television, remote video conference and networking telephone service.
With its stable and efficient tracking performance as well as a wide range of supporting service, DITEL maritime VSAT system plays a great role on oil and gas production industry. It means a lot for both oil-gas supply and economic development. After equipped with DITEL maritime VSAT system on board, technical personnel have a fluent access to get the relevant information and technical support in time with stable internet coverage, and the drilling project can proceed smoothly.
                      By Betty Zhang