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DITEL V61 maritime satellite VSAT installed on Bulk carrier of 18,000 tons

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Update time : 2019-09-19 13:24:38

DITEL V61 63cm KU band marine satellite antenna
DITEL V61 maritime satellite VSAT antenna installed on a Bulk carrier of 18,000 tons, providing stable and full network coverage for the whole vessel, which made great contributions to its cargo transportation around the world.
DITEL V61 is a 63cm 3-axis stabilized maritime satellite VSAT antenna, which performs superior high tracking capacity. V61 could achieve global automatic satellite switching with several sets of satellite frequency preset, supporting video monitor, broadband access, web television, remote video conference and networking telephone service. When sailing on the fixed lines, V61 could achieve different satellite selection from its pre-progammed database, so that vessels having high request for broadband could take the internet access successfully.
With DITEL V61 marine satellite VSAT antenna installed, not only can the crew get the technical support and more relevant information through internet conveniently, but also have a chance to enjoy a relaxing time in their spare time during the long sailing trip, what a great win-win accomplishment in both social and economic effects.
                      By Betty Zhang