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DITEL V81 maritime satellite VSAT installed on the other “sister” oil platform auxiliary ship

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Author : Betty Zhang
Update time : 2020-05-21 13:16:36
DITEL V81 83cm KU band 3-axis marine satellite antenna
After the successful installation on “ZHONG SHANG 2” oil platform auxiliary ship, V81 maritime satellite VSAT installed on its “sister vessel” -- “ZHONG SHANG 3” oil platform auxiliary ship as well, which is reassuring to provide stable and full network coverage for the whole vessel with its excellent communication system capability.
DITEL V81, a 3-axis stabilized Ku-band maritime satellite VSAT with 83cm reflector. It performs super high tracking performance, supporting remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband access, video conference, VoIP service and other network applications, which made it an ideal choice for large vessel or platform such as global commercial vessels, offshore vessels, oil and gas platform etc. To meet oil and gas production project’s high request for broadband, V81 could select different satellite from its pre-progammed database automatically.
Having achieved the stable tracking performance and a wide range of supporting service, DITEL maritime VSAT system plays a great role on oil and gas production industry, which means a lot for both oil-gas supply and economic development. With DITEL V81 maritime satellite VSAT system installed on board, the crew can have a fluent access to get the relevant information and technical support in time with stable internet coverage, and the drilling project can proceed smoothly. And in their spare time, the crew could simply relax themselves through internet, connecting with friends and families by high quality internet or smooth voice communication.