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Successful Implementation of Ditel V81 on a General Cargo Vessel

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Author : Lin Ma
Update time : 2023-07-27 08:52:33

The maritime industry is a constantly evolving sector, with a pressing need for advanced technological solutions to meet its growing demands. Recently, a general cargo vessel, operating primarily in the Asian region, became the latest beneficiary of Ditel's superior maritime technology. The ship, with a length of 104 meters, a width of 19 meters, and a draught of 5.5 meters, had Ditel V81 Maritime VSAT installed onboard. The outcome was a significant improvement in communication and operational efficiency.
Ditel V81 is a leading-edge maritime VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) that offers exceptional value and superior Radio Frequency (RF) performance. A standout feature of the Ditel V81 is its 3-axis stabilized platform, coupled with 4-axis auto tracking function. With a dish diameter of 83cm and operating on the Ku band, Ditel V81 is ideal for large vessels like this general cargo vessel. The V81 is designed to support a wide range of network applications including remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband, video conferencing, and Voice over IP (VoIP). The crew can now effortlessly manage ship operations remotely, hold video conferences, and maintain seamless communication, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.
Moreover, Ditel is more than just a provider of maritime VSAT equipment. We also offer airtime service, ensuring a stable connection, high-speed data transfer, and cost-effective pricing. Our commitment to providing superior service across the board has been a key determinant of our success story with this general cargo vessel. The robustness of the Ditel V81, coupled with Ditel's reliable airtime service, has revolutionized the ship's communication system, offering seamless connectivity throughout its operational range!
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