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Ditel V101 105cm Ku band 3-axis stablilized maritime VSAT antenna

Item No.: V101
Ditel V101 is a 105cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system ideal for global commercial vessels.

Ditel V101 is a 105cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system ideal for global commercial vessels, offshore vessels, oil and gas platform etc. With its 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technology, V101 offers superior high tracking performance, supporting video monitor, broadband access, web television, remote video conference and VoIP services. By selecting different satellite, V101 can offer service to deep ocean vessels which have high request on broadband.

 SkyFocusTM super high gain antenna. Ring focus antenna providing extra high communication performance

• WatchmanTM double  inertial guidance project. High tracking accuracy and stability by double inertial guidance project and Ditel's distinctive Algorithm patent

• Tri-DoorTM smart failure testing. Checking  peripheral equipment automatically,preventing system malfunction

• SingfingerTM one-click operating system. Innovative, simplified & easy operation interface, ACU status viewing and parameters input with single button

• LightenLifeTM built-in WIFI interface. Remote processing system on mobile terminal are available.

• 3-axis stabilized, 4-axis tracking.

Radome dimension(WxH) 128.5*139.5cm (50.6*54.9 inch)
Reflector diameter 105 cm (41.3 inch )
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Operating temp. range -20~60℃
Platform 3-axis stabilized, 4-axis tracking
AZ range/ tracking rate Unlimited/ ±6°@15S
EL range/ tracking rate -15° ~115°/ ±20°@5S
Roll range/ tracking rate ±35°/ ±20°@5S
Skew range/ tracking rate ±167.5°/ ±20°@5S
Initial lock ≤1.5Min
Re-lock after break lock time Break lock<1Min; Re-lock<1Min
Break lock≥1Min; Re-lock<2Min
TX frequency 13.75~14.5GHz
TX gain 41.9dBi (14.25GHz)
RX frequency 10.7~12.75GHz (Ku-band)
RX gain 40.8dBi (12.5GHz)
G/T 18.4dB/K (Clear sky, 30° Elevation)
Power input AC100~240V /50Hz
Min. EIRP 42dBW
Polarization Linear polarization
Cross-POL isolation >30dB
Antenna type Ring focus rear feed antenna
LNB Ku-Band LNB (L.O. 9.75/10.6/11.3GHz)